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I came to the United States in 1989. As I consider that move to be the most important event in my life, the tenth anniversary of arrival was a happy day, indeed. Much to my surprise, people whom I have never seen in my life joined in the celebration. They were not complete strangers, for we have corresponded actively on The Firing Line. However, I had no reason to expect them to care much about my private anniversary. Little did I know...

A truly exceptional tool

A fine Chris Reeve Sebenza showed up in the mail shortly after my anniversary. The card enclosed with the parcel proclaimed that it was a gift from the Firing Line regulars. Being ignorant of knife-making, I also endeavoured to investigate the particulars of this great tool.

Chris Reeve Sebenza

I posted my thanks immediately. However, the full significance of the gift took a while to register.

A pleasure to use

That princely gift was a collaborative effort of 4V50Gary, ATM, Spartacus, Elchimango, Erick, Fal.308, Flyer M14, Grayfox, HS, James V, Jeff thomas, JHS, longhair, Michael, Mike, Mykl, Nan, Q, Rich, Rob, Spectre and Terry.

Protective cheath for a valued tool

Until that day, I had not owned any knives. A poorly made folder was taken from me by a Carabinero in Italy; I had not bothered to replace it. In the past, I had been clumsy with tools and had little appreciation form them. Since then, I developed a desire to learn. My tool-box and my skill set have expanded accordingly.

Always close at hand

Because of the sentimental value, the sebenza is always the tool within my reach. As the vikings were reputed to say: "A knifeless man is a lifeless man."

The idea of commemorating the occasion came from Spartacus. Rich Lucibella organized the effort, including a coincidental donation to charity. He also picked out the design.

I am happy to say that my previous cutting tool was retired immediately.

xacto knife

A little Gerber folder
Locking mechanism
The blade
A gift from Bernie White
On December 9, 2000 (the other day that will live in infamy), I visited my friend Bernie White. I did not have my knife with me.

Bernie decided to correct my oversight and generously presented me with a Gerber folder. Now I am truly rich: both of my knives were given to me by friends. I hope that using the Gerber as a tool would teach me not to over-protect the sebenza.