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When G-d created man, was she kidding?

Thank G-d the Crusades are over!

The denizens of our blessed Renaissance Fair take religion too seriously to fight over it. Besides, except for various pagans, the Christian dogma has little opposition here. A priest is present, but mostly preoccupied with discussing theology with cute little girls.


"You are red, drunk and boisterous...
must be the Devil himself"


"I wish I were, dearie.
I just work for the Boss up in Heaven"

The real influence is with one person.

She is one big Mother (Superior)!




Did I mention "pious"?

And, if need be, can have the Musketeers and the Guards do her bidding (a splendid tradition started by 17th century French Cardinals)
Musketeer or Fop?
One of the Three Musketeers


Girls look good in black Hi-res

She is a kindly soul, with children especially. In her puruit of new recruits for the convent she not only explains the traditional benefits of taking the veil (salvation of the soul, for instance) but also the less obvious advantages (girls look good in black).
To be fair she also warns them of the harsh side of the convent life:
- Cold floor under bare feet during morning prayers.
- Restrictive rules ("Lights out at 10, candles out at 11")
- Compulsion to continue wearing black even when the leading fashion designers have come out with darling red lace designs.

Smiling novice Her domain has no lack of fresh, pious, happy recruits.
In fact, some say that Cecile Volanges (from "Dangerous Liasons" by DeLaclos) had hailed from this exact convent.

Directions | Royalty | Clergy | Burghers | Beasts | Peasants | Kids | Musicians | Liaisons