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From my retina to Yours

Bill Little and Gamini Kumara
had just asked me an important question: "Would you like coffee with your cream and sugar?"
They often test my patience with their so-called humor.

Smoker Hi-res Puff Hi-res Mankato is an ordinary small town where I had worked for a while. Its most prominent institution would have been a bar, had it not been for the State University. The picture on the left is altogether too common on campus, where Joe Camel is everyone's friend. Freedom means respecting others' choices, even if those choices differ from yours. In this case, I would much rather see people smoking tobacco, pot and opium, than have yet another lethally intrusive alpabet soup agency try to imprison the users "for their own good". Remember, pot users do not kill innocent bystanders nearly as often as DEA and ATF do.

Silly Hi-res
In such a place finding interesting faces is a challenege. Most of the few locals with passable appearance affect an air of utter stupidity. Pity Mark Twain is not around -- he would have described the place as accurately yet more tactfully.

razor The trick is to see beautiful within ordinary and to distil it into a sight worth witnessing. However, seeing beautiful within stagnant is a bit more challenging. The thin, solemn girl in black veil examplifies the overall mood of Mankato: depressed. As a friend of mine said: "Next time, she might want to cut along the vein, not across".



Warning Machead As much as having no future sucks, killing yourself through lack of sleep and overwork is not the solution either. These college kids just don't know it yet.